Meet Everyday People 2017-2018:



Christie Hartono
Indonesian born and bred, full time fashion enthusiast and beauty junkie.
Cat Davis
Basically came out of the womb singing and never stopped. Growing up surrounded by the extraordinary performance industry of Las Vegas, singing and music are Cat's life, and she is insanely excited & grateful to further grow her love for her passion through EP!
Claire Kim
Claire is a junior majoring in Human Biology, and she identifies the people and the presence of music in her life as her home. She is a corgi owner (this helps this awkward girl start conversations with a lot of people), a dessert lover (would kill for some really good freshly-baked chocolate chip scones), a health advocate, and a scooter-rider (catch me roaming around campus on my Swagggtron). Outside of EP, she volunteers as a tutor at a local mobile home park for young students and as a counselor at Camp Kesem (yes, she loves children!) She hopes to pursue pediatric anesthesiology after her Stanford education. And she's always dreaming of EP singing at her wedding (if it happens at all)!
Mayuka Sarukkai
This is Mayuka's third year as an everyday person and she is beyond ready to ~sop til ya drop~. When she is not singing her fave EP ditties, she is probably out there figuring out new ways to explain what Symbolic Systems is, pouring excessive amounts of honey in her tea, or stretching her limbs a little too aggressively in public spaces.
Sarah Ortlip-Sommers
Sarah is a senior studying political science and art history. A fourth-year EP soprano, she is returning this year as the group’s Performance Manager. While she grew up on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard, she sadly has yet to befriend the Obamas or the Kennedys, but she still enjoys hanging out on the beach in her spare time.
Jianne Kang
Hi! I'm Jianne and I'm an international frosh from Seoul, Korea. I'm heavily involved in musicals on campus as well - wow I obviously hate performing. Beyoncé is my eternal queen (insert riffs from Halo / slay to Formation here, in your head) and I love spicy food and sweet treats and coffee. I strive to look like a fashionista 2% of the time (1.7% is for EP performances) and I look borderline-hobo 98% of the time, so please appreciate it when I try (not an attention-seeker at all, for sure). But with all seriousness, I'm so excited to be on my favorite A capella group ever!



Maya Ganesan
Maya is a proud alto and an economics major from just outside Seattle, Washington. She can be found singing (either to herself, or to anyone who'll listen) or listening to music pretty much all the time... and is happy to dole out music recommendations at any moment! In her free time, she can be found watching sports, having dance parties, reading books, writing poetry, laughing, or running.
Teyonna Michelle Jarman
Teyonna is a senior studying Product Design. She’s a former army brat so she has no ties to any one place although she’s definitely a SoCal girl at heart. In her spare time when she’s not building random gadgets for class, you can find her maintaining her purple hair, obsessing over (stalking?) Mariah Carey, Kehlani, Usher, and/or Drake, going to Disneyland for the 2917368th time, or adding to her ridiculously large stuffed hippo collection. She’s excited to return for her third and final undergrad year with EP as an alto/tenor!
Anjali Majumdar
Anjali, one of the directors this year, is a senior in the group majoring in Electrical Engineering. While she isn't in the Packard basement building circuits or debugging code, she loves to play piano, play tennis, and spend time with this amazing family! This is Anjali's 4th year in the group, and she is absolutely thrilled to see what this new year will bring!
Clarissa Carter
Clarissa Carter is a junior from Virginia studying Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Computer Music and a minor in Creative Writing. Here at Stanford, you can find her belting, playing drums, producing music, acting, and laughing – often simultaneously. Clarissa is beyond excited for her 3rd year with Everyday People.
Emma Hard
Emma is a sophomore EP member, born and raised in New York City (and proud of it). She's returning this year as EP's co-director, and cannot be more excited for the current group and music ahead! Emma is an undeclared major, but is leaning towards a Political Science major with a double minor in Computer Science and English, a spread that might show how indecisive she is. In her free time, she likes playing with Stanford's club lacrosse team, playing the piano, and doodling.
Carly Steyer
Carly is a sophomore hailing from San Francisco. She is majoring in Film and Media Studies, with the intent to double-minor in American Studies and Political Science. Huge fan of coffee, late night TV opening monologues and midnight excursions.



Andrew Kim
Andrew is a junior majoring in MCS. This is his second year as a tenor in EP.
Allan Zhao
Allan was born in the Mile High City and raised in the Bay Area and is currently a freshman tenor. He's essentially a 6'3" vessel for sarcasm and music. When you don't hear singing or music coming from Allan, you can safely bet that he's stuffing his face with food or napping. Allan is currently undecided on a major.
Noam Shemtov
Hey there! I am B.A. candidate in Comparative Literature, with a minor in Symbolic Systems. Passions include: Journalism, jazz, the outdoors. Also reading, learning languages, graphic design. Also other things. Only shady if you catch it.
Thapelo Sebolai
Thapelo is a chilled South African who loves listening to music ranging from South African Deep House to chilled acoustic soul. He is a Computer Science major and one day hopes to finally figure out how to do this Stanford thing.
Peter Litzow
Peter is a senior, stoked to be returning to EP for his fourth year. He is majoring in Public Policy. Known for thriving in any given situation.



Cameron Cruz
Cameron is a beatboxer from Southern California. He's majoring in SymSys and occasionally brings cute puppers to EP shows, if our soulful RnB vibes aren't enough to get you to come.
Tommy La Guardia
From: Kent, Washington Part: Bass Favorites: Mint Chocolate Chip, Red, Basketball, My Smile, and Hip-Hop/R&B. Inspirations: My favorite singer is my grandpa but I’m currently vibing with Khalid. Auto-Bio: Just your normal, everyday person. I love to make people smile and what better way to do so through music.
TK Moloko
Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Econ major. Likes football, Frank Ocean, friends, and probably tons of other things that begin with an f.
Yushi Homma
A math major and CS coterm hailing from the exotic fields of Indiana, Yushi spends his final year at Stanford managing the business of EP and leading a new generation of basses for EP's posterity.
Elias Feierabend-Peters
Likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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