Vote Everyday People!

Good Morning Everyone!

The ASSU recently changed the way they fund student groups, and EP needs your help. In efforts to increase transparency, the ASSU itself no longer directly distributes General Fees but instead requires Annual Grants to receive student approval. They’ve decreased the fixed activities fee for students in favor of allowing students to choose which student groups they’d like to fund.

We’re not applying for Special Fees (although it may seem that way on the ballot), and we’re not asking for any more money than we have in the past. EP’s asking for $1 per student so that we may keep our biannual shows free of charge, as they have been for the last 28 years. Please support us in keeping our shows free of charge by voting for us at

Thank you!


An amazing tour to St. Lucia!

What an AMAZING time we had in Saint Lucia this December!! From singing for the guests of Coconut Bay Spa and Resort to exploring the natural beauties of the island, we had a fantastic time. Check out some great pictures from the trip! grouppicbeachwaterfallmudbathsunsetShout out to Justine DeSilva for these AWESOME photos (and so many more)!